Our Partners

The relationship with our partners is key to our success

From the beginning, we have always addressed what most venture firms call portfolio companies as Partner Companies.

To us, the relationship with Partner Companies is an active partnership that we aspire to develop into a long-lasting bond of value creation.

nexpaq is the first modular smartphone case that allows you to seamlessly customize, enhance, and add new functions to your existing smartphone through the use of small squares, called modules. nexpaq is the future of mobile modularity.

Founded in April 2013, nexpaq has patented, market validated, and produced a modular smartphone case that uses interchangeable modules to extend a phone's hardware capability. Market launch modules include: extra battery, memory, USB, temperature and humidity, air quality, alcohol sensor, laser, and speaker modules.

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Hydra Business Solutions

HBS provide services and expertise in business integration, managed services, infrastructure project management and networks solution deployment.

With a team of expert engineers and years of unrivalled market-based technology and commercial experience, HBS provides the highest quality solutions to all major vertical industries including telecommunications, public sector, real estate, banking, oil and gas, healthcare, and retail. HBS works in coordination with leading multinational technology vendors and partners to deliver real value and cutting-edge solutions.

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